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Life has been really cranking lately. My new restaurant, Tycoons is open, the ski season has come to a sad end - no snow :( and spring is upon us. Time to break out the bike and running shoes.

My new partners, Howie Leathers, Mike Scherer and I, have come up a with a new tri race series. Go to get the scoop on all the races.

The past two months I have conducted achievement, leadership and health philosophy seminars around the country. From Telluride Co, to Iowa, to Minneapolis, to Miami Florida the past couple of months have been filled with transformation and excitement. I am looking forward to speaking to more folks in the upcoming months. Please feel free to give me a holler to see if I can help you with your next group or business conference or meeting

They say that life is change, growth is optional. Whether your life is flying sky high or hovering low, I hope you are choosing the grow option.

To the good life...


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