After All, It's Your Life
A 1-3 hour seminar for all types of groups. Rod has conducted this seminar for Caterpillar Corporation, rail road companies, Minnesota Power employees, city employees, European medical companies, fraternities, college classes, as well as, church groups and non-profit organizations. It's his favorite seminar to conduct and it's the most highly received one he offers.

About the Seminar "AFTER ALL, IT'S YOUR LIFE" is an interactive seminar focusing on the mind, body, humor, spirit, integrity, and passion. In this dynamic seminar, you will take a look inside yourself to see if you are truly getting "from the day" vs. merely getting "through the day". Bring a pencil, an open mind, and be ready for a personal challenge.

It's my life. Where do I go from here?
This 1-2 hour seminar is the follow-up to "AFTER ALL, IT'S YOUR LIFE". The main purpose of this talk is to get folks in "action mode". You'll narrow your focus on what you really want out of life and the steps to getting there. Be ready for some introspection and some action based activities.

For achievement-based leaders and managers, this 1-2 hour seminar highlights the 15 steps to becoming totally efficient and effective with your time and resources. You'll learn effective time management strategies, optimal health strategies, and the secrets to nipping procrastination and other debilitating habits right now.

Kid's Programs and Seminars
Rod provides custom programing and seminars based on age, demographics, and goals for kids.E-mail to work together on a seminar that is effective for your group.

Training for the Marathon and 1/2 Marathon
In this one-hour seminar, you will learn the metaphors to proper running and walking techniques, along with optimal nutrition strategies for losing body fat while gaining energy. You'll also learn the secrets to strength training and flexibility specifically for runners.

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